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The Fedi Links Project is a collaborative project to make fedi interactions less confusing. We want links to remote posts and accounts to open the posts and accounts, allowing immediate interaction without the need for copying and pasting.

We believe Protocol Handlers are the only viable solution to this problem, at least in the context of the Web as it exists today. We seek to adapt them to real-world use-cases and promote their deployment.


The Fedi Links Project is a bottom-up project.

We want IRC clients, Matrix clients, terminal emulators, multiplayer games, game engines, Mastodon apps, and other user-facing software to add support for Fedi Links.

There are many apps, but not many OSes. Many of those are cross-platform and work across multiple OSes. They should support Fedi Links on all of them.

OSes like Windows and macOS do not need to support Fedi Links if apps can support Fedi Links instead. We assume Windows and macOS are unlikely to support Fedi Links, but the bottom-up approach means we do not need them to.



The Fedi Links Project is operated like a leather bar. Come on in, share stories, hang out, etc.

Code of Conduct

We do not currently have a code of conduct as all of the popular code of conducts have been shown to be unsuitable. None of them acknowledge the pervasiveness of racism and how it shapes and forms the way our communities are built.

We are, however, open to discussions on this topic. Feel free to bring any proposals and other materials relating to Code of Conduct to our IRC channel.

Join us

Find us on IRC: #fedilinks at (Or read the public IRC logs.)


Feature Matrices

Client software and web+ap handler
Client software Support status
FediText Yes!
Tokodon Yes!
Tuba Yes!
Elk (PWA) No.
Mastodon (PWA) No.
Akkoma (PWA) No.
Websites/server software and the Well-Known Protocol Handler
Website/server Relevant schemes Support status
Akkoma web+ap PR open (Akkoma) web+ap Yes!
Mastodon web+ap Patch available (Mastodon) web+ap Yes!
GoToSocial web+ap No.
Relevant client software and browsing behavior for web+* URIs
Client software Support status
Fedicraft Yes!
FediText No.
Tokodon No.
xdg-open No.
ktraderclient No.


The project is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.